Christmas Eve Traditions and Plans

This is my last blog post before Christmas! The month has flown by and I feel like I haven’t stopped. I can’t wait for Christmas, but, just as much, I can’t wait for this weekend. I love Christmas Eve maybe even as much as I love Christmas. I love the excitement and anticipation, the gathering of family and the fact that everyone seems so, well, merry.

We might not get all of these things done on Christmas Eve, because we have a tendency to go with the flow, but here are a few things I hope to do this Sunday!

  1. Buffet

Growing up, we went to my nana’s for Christmas dinner, so on Christmas Eve my dad would put together a large party buffet. My cousins would come over and we would have ourselves a little Christmas Eve party. This year, the original plan was for my sister and her partner to come over, to all go and visit my nana together and then come back to my house for the party. Now, since we’re having Christmas dinner at my house this year, the plan seems to have changed to all going to my nana’s together and having the party there. I’m very excited because I know there are some fancy cheeses going, and I love a cheeseboard.

  1. Board games

We are definitely a board games family. We often play scrabble and trivial pursuit, and I know my sister has bought a few new board games for us to play. Growing up I loved playing board games (especially Cluedo, which was and is my favourite) and playing them with a big group is even better… so long as no one cheats. I’m looking forward to the excitement, the (happy) shouting and the healthy dose of competition.

  1. Films

I have put in my request already for the whole family to gather together to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. My sister wasn’t so keen on the idea, but I put my foot down (“I never get to choose the family activity!”). I’ve only actually ever seen it once but it’s such a beautiful story that really emphasises the massive importance of even the smallest lives. I’m absolutely desperate for us all to watch it while the fairy lights twinkle around us.

  1. New pyjamas

This is something that’s definitely going to happen, but I wanted to include it anyway because it’s one of my favourite Christmas Eve traditions. Taking a nice long bath and then putting on brand new, warm, snuggly Christmas pyjamas to wear until most probably early afternoon on Christmas day is one of my favourite traditions and something I know most of my friends partake in. I don’t actually know if this is a universal thing or not, so I would be interested to hear from the rest of you!

What are your favourite Christmas Eve traditions?

Until next time, happy holidays!




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