Birthday Un-Wrapped

This weekend was my 23rd birthday! It was a mostly uneventful birthday, but I still had a lovely time. I thought today I would just do a quick round-up of the gifts I received. I don’t have pictures of all of them and I’ve lost the daylight, so I’m going to be super lazy and just use the images I took for Instagram.


The first gift I received was this Star Wars Crochet set from my sister and her partner. She gave it to me a couple of days before my birthday because I wasn’t going to see her and I’m so excited to learn to make everyone! I’ve already started practicing crocheting in rounds with some wool I already had, but the set comes with enough materials to make a Yoda and a Stormtrooper toy. I’m very excited to learn to make little friends.

My younger sister gave me this Batman Lego Set which I built today. It includes a tiny Batman, Joker, balloon escape kit (for Joker) and an overly complicated bomb. They were all really fun to build (although every piece of Batman was in a different bag so I had to open every single bag to build him, which is why I ended up building the whole set. She also gave me this beautiful copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. It’s absolutely gorgeous and has gold-stained edges. I love fairy tales and I’m super excited to read it and have it on my bookshelf. I also got a bag of sweets from her. They’re swizzels, which are my favourite sweets, so I love that.

From my parents I got these adorable raccoon bag and purse set. I needed a bigger handbag because I’ve been using one of my sister’s  because the only handbag I own is tiny, and I love the matching purse. I immediately switched to them. They’re fuzzy and soft and I love them. My parents also got me a new parka coat because I’ve been borrowing my sister’s. I don’t have a photo of that, but it’s warm and I love it.

The stickers (Kirishima and Bakugo from My Hero Academia and Jason Todd from DC comics) are from my partner, as is my Superman necklace. She has a matching Bat symbol necklace. I’m going to wear this every day, and I love the stickers which will definitely be bluetacked up somewhere because I’m way too fickle to permanently decide where to stick them.



The Kermit the Frog mug is from my partner’s mum, because I don’t have a mug in their house since my last one broke. I absolutely adore it and I can’t wait to have thousands of cups of tea with my BFF (best frog friend).

On top of all these wonderful gifts I also got some chocolates and such and some amazing birthday cards. I know some friends have gifts for me but haven’t had a chance to give them to me yet, so I’m really excited to see what they are!

But now I’m just really excited for Christmas so I can give all of these wonderful people wonderful gifts in return.

What’s your favourite birthday gift that you’ve ever received?




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