Christmas Films I Love

Seasons greetings!

It’s dark at 4pm, I’m living in my snood, hat and gloves and the heating bill is sky-rocketing. No number of blankets is too many, no amount of tea is too much and no mince pies is probably a crime. Winter is well and truly here.

Our house is full of fairy lights and tinsel and despite how small it is we somehow have managed to fit five (5) Christmas trees around (one in the living room, one in the porch, a small one in my bedroom and two in my sister’s room). Gifts are already wrapped and waiting and my quest to turn my home into a Christmas grotto is well underway. It is the holiday season, well and truly.

Despite the fact that I’ve yet to see what I believe is a proper Christmas classic on television yet (although Deck the Halls has been on several times), I do believe it is the perfect time to binge watch all of your favourite Christmas films. If you haven’t started yet, I’d suggest popping one on at the earliest opportunity, snuggling up with a blanket and a warm drink and letting yourself feel ferociously festive.


The films I’m about to list, in no particular order, are not necessarily the best Christmas films, but they are films I enjoy watching at this time of the year. They’re not the best, they’re not the most underrated, and it’s definitely not all of the films I love. They’re just ones I enjoy, and wanted to show a little appreciation for.

  1. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

This stop-motion film is my go-to version of the classic reindeer tale. It’s weird, and a little bit creepy at times (my sister and I actually refer to it as “creepy Rudolph”), but I couldn’t imagine Christmas without it. Rudolph isn’t the only misfit you meet throughout this film and there’s a lot more adventuring than in the song we all know. Rudolph and his crew of misfits (that’s where they fit in) travel around the North Pole, venturing to The Island of Misfit Toys and even ending up in the cave of the fearsome Abominable Snow Monster.

At not even an hour long, it’s an easy film to squeeze in whenever you have the chance, and for me, it wouldn’t be Christmas for me without watching it.

  1. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

I know many people probably prefer the original 1947 version, and I enjoy that as well! But this is the version I always seem to end up watching. It’s heartbreaking at times, but it’s a wonderful story about belief. It doesn’t really matter if Kris Kringle is really Santa Claus, and it isn’t fully explained whether he is or isn’t, and that’s just how I like it.

  1. Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

This was the first Christmas film I watched this year. I also love the Jim Carrey film, which I owned on VHS, but I do love this cartoon version, too. It’s short but still enjoyable; it’s bright and entertaining and I can’t help but to sing along.

Also, on the topic of the Grinch: last week I was on the bus when I overheard a girl on the phone to her father saying she was compared to someone and trying to remember his name. “Who’s that man? No, you know, that man. That man that stole all the presents. The man—oh yeah! The Grinch!

Something about it just made me laugh and has kept me smiling whenever I recall it.

  1. Elf (2003)

I don’t believe I’ve met a single person who doesn’t love Elf. I definitely believe it is one of the absolute best modern Christmas films and has become a Christmas staple for myself and many of my friends. After all, we all have a little bit of Buddy in us, don’t we?

  1. The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

I mentioned in my last post that I love pretty much every retelling of A Christmas Carol. I’ve seen the films, I’ve seen it in the theatre, I… haven’t read the book yet but I’m changing that this year. However, considering my immense love for The Muppets, this is the version that’s making the list for this post.

I love listening to Gonzo retell this classic, I adore Rizzo’s endless questions as to how Gonzo knows what will happen. I love seeing Kermit as Bob Cratchit and I love Robin as Tiny Tim. I love the songs, I love Michael Caine as Scrooge, I love everything about it. It makes me cry, laugh and grin. I cannot believe I actually managed to see it in the cinema this year! It was wonderful, and it is wonderful, and I love it.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of my favourite Christmas films. There are dozens more, but these are just a handful that I wanted to mention today. Do you love or hate or not care for any of these? What are your favourites? What are your Christmas staples?

Until next time, stay merry!




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