November Wrap-Up // December Plans

It’s the last day of November!

It’s going to be a short blog post today. I’m not feeling too hot, and I have a lot to do today because I’m going to be away over the weekend. This post is going to double as a November wrap-up post and a December plans post.

Part I: November Wrap-Up

At the start of November, I planned to partake in NaNoWriMo. I’ve won the challenge before, and was looking forward to doing it again. However, after a couple of days I realised I hadn’t done sufficient planning and I was unhappy with forcing myself to write 2,000 words a day when I knew I’d only end up scrapping the work and starting over at a later date. I decided it made more sense to use November for planning and getting to know my characters and their motivations a little better.

All of my shopping this month has been on Christmas presents, so I can’t tell you what I’ve been buying this month (and honestly, I don’t think you would care. I don’t buy interesting things). I am very excited to be unapologetically Christmassy for the whole of December, though. I’m actually going to put up my small Christmas tree in my bedroom today so it’ll be Christmas when I get back from my trip this weekend!

I’ve been binge-watching some old shows, but Peaky Blinders season 4 has begun and I’m loving that so far, too. If you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders and you don’t mind violence in your television, then I would highly recommend it. It’s one of the most well-written and beautifully shot TV shows I’ve watched in a long time.

November hasn’t been the most exciting month. It’s mostly been me preparing for next month. Speaking of which…

Part II: December Plans

There are four Mondays and four Thursdays in December. That means eight blog posts. I had toyed with the idea of partaking in Blogmas but decided not to commit to anything I wasn’t certain I would be able to stick to. I have a lot of plans for blog posts for the holiday season, so I hope you’ll stick with me.

Planned posts include baking adventures, favourite Christmas films and playlists, book reviews and maybe even some creative Christmas pieces. It’s my favourite time of year so I’m all in.

I’m excited to read everyone else’s holiday posts and to learn about everyone’s winter traditions. Are you excited for the holiday season, or dreading it?

Until next time, stay merry!




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