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Okay, so I wasn’t tagged in this. That’s unsurprising – I’ve only been blogging regularly since September and I definitely don’t fit into a niche, so I haven’t really found a spot in the blogging community yet. However, when I was looking through my collection of post ideas and prompts today, nothing really seemed like it was the right time to post it. Then, whilst scrolling twitter, I came across this tag from Britt at Alternatively Speaking.

I listen to music every day and I’m always finding new artists and new genres to explore. However, I mostly listen to music on spotify now – playlists made by my partner and friends and a couple I’ve made myself. I thought it would be fun to do this tag using my iTunes because I haven’t used it for a  good couple of years now, and it would be interesting (and a little nostalgic) to see what I had to say about the songs that came up!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog.
  2. Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the FIRST FIFTEEN songs that come up (anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them, etc.)
  3. Mention the songs as well as the artists.
  4. Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and please let them know!

‘The Bitch of Living’ – Spring Awakening Broadway Cast

This was the first song from this musical that I ever heard, and I knew nothing about the show itself but I really, really liked this song. A couple of years later I came across the rest of the music from the production, but this one is probably still my favourite. I love rock music and I love theatre music and this combines the two beautifully. Listening to it again now after a year or so since I last heard it has made me remember just how fond I am of it.

‘The Fighter’ – Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder

This is absolutely one of my favourite Gym Class songs and it’s one I still listen to regularly. It’s a song that always makes me feel better – it motivates me and reminds me that I’ve already made it this far so there’s no reason to give up now. It’s okay to struggle and it’s okay to not always feel like you’re winning because that doesn’t mean we’ve lost yet. We can keep going and it might be tough but there’s no reason I can’t do it, and anyone that doubts me is in for a shock.

‘A Change of Heart’ – The 1975

The 1975 are one of my two all-time favourite bands (joint top place). I’ve seen them live three times already and I fully intend to see them every time they return to Liverpool/Manchester for the foreseeable future. I think this is one of the songs from ILIWYS that I don’t hear about as much, but it’s one of my favourites. There are so many throwback lyrics in the whole album but especially in this song – it really speaks to me about growing up and changing. Over the past couple of years I’ve changed a lot and so have the people around me, and it’s led to us having to let go of some friendships because things just weren’t clicking like they used to. It’s sad, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s okay to let go. Things don’t always go like we plan, but at least we have beautiful songs to share the changes with.

‘212’ – Azealia Banks ft. Lazy Jay

This is the kind of song that I can listen to in the day and enjoy, but if it came on while I was out with friends I know I’d have a totally different reaction. It makes me want to go to a club.

‘Push’ – Matchbox Twenty

I really love Matchbox Twenty. This is a really sad song, but I still love it. The music is just really familiar to me and even though the contents of the song are definitely unpleasant, the music itself just makes me feel really full. I think it’s the combination of them both. I can’t help but sing along.

‘She’s American’ – The 1975

Oh wow, another.

I love this song, but a lot of the time I see it interpreted in a way that doesn’t pay attention to half the lyrics. I feel like people only hear the ‘she’s American’ lyrics and not the rest of them. But, to be fair, just because I interpret it one way doesn’t necessarily mean it’s correct, and I wouldn’t try to tell anyone else how to interpret it. To me, though, it’s not a song about having a good time. I always heard it as being around someone who doesn’t really care what’s going on beneath the surface for you as long as they can enjoy these fleeting and shallow moments.

I really love this song, though. One of my favourite things about ILIWYS is how upbeat the music is and how that contrasts with the lyrics and content of the songs.

‘Raise Hell’ – Brandi Carlile

This song reminds me of my pirates. Over the years, as a writer, I’ve written a lot of characters who are pirates – some entirely fictional and some inspired by real historical characters. This is one of the songs that I’ll always associate with them.

‘Toy Soldiers’ – Marianas Trench

Ah, my other favourite band! These guys share the top spot with The 1975, and I’ve seen them live twice. This is one of the first songs by them that I heard. I don’t listen to it very often anymore because I kind of over-did it when I first heard it, but I still think it’s an absolute jam. It’s another one of those songs where the content is about an unhealthy relationship, but the music makes it almost impossible not to sing along for me. This isn’t one of my favourite MT songs, but it’s definitely one I’m fond of because it’s one of the first ones I heard and there’s a lot of nostalgia attached to it.

‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It’ – The 1975

Well done, Shuffle, you’ve brought me three songs from ILIWYS so far.

There isn’t a song by The 1975 that I can think of that I don’t like. I love the music in this, I love the soft singing; I love it all. The lyrics, few though they are, are so colloquial and I adore that. I really like the use of ‘the big light’ because that’s what I’ve always referred to it as, but I’ve never really heard it used in the media (TV, films or music).

‘What A Catch, Donnie’ – Fall Out Boy

This song is so important to me and to a lot of people around me. It’s a song that deals with depression and suicide and struggling, and to me, it’s a reminder that just because we’re struggling doesn’t mean we’re not doing great things, and most importantly, that we’re not alone.

‘You Could Be Happy’ – Snow Patrol

This song makes me really sad, and I’ve heard it in a lot of different places at a lot of different times, but the one that stuck with me? Gavin & Stacey. Every time it comes on I remember that episode. I don’t even especially care about their relationship (come on, it’s a story about Smithy and Nessa told through the relationship of Gavin & Stacey), but this song makes me want to cry… but I still never skip it.

‘Your Song’ – Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge soundtrack)

I really love this film, and this song makes me think of my partner. It kind of reminds me of a bad time in my life, when I’d just started college and everything seemed to be going wrong, but looking back on it I can only be happy that everything worked out.

‘Odds Are’ – Barenaked Ladies

I’m an absolutely massive Barenaked Ladies fan, and this is one of my favourite songs. It’s so uplifting! Yeah, there are a lot of bad things that could happen, but the odds are that everything is going to work itself out. A funny thing for me about this song is that I heard it, and then later realised that the music video for it (which I didn’t see for a long time after hearing the song) was made by Rooster Teeth. If you know me, you know how important Rooster Teeth is to me. What are the odds? Eh? Eh???

‘The Parting Glass’ – Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag OST

AC is my favourite game series, but Blag Flag is not one of my favourite games. That said, the side characters? My absolute favourite. Hearing Anne sing this at the end of the game absolutely breaks my heart. It’s a lovely tune, but I’m an emotional baby who gets too attached to fictional characters and listening to this song makes me feel like I’ve lost my friends, too.

‘What Are You Drinking About?’ – Florida Georgia Line

Catch me passionately singing this song whenever it comes on. Literally every time. I cannot relate to this song even a little bit but you wouldn’t believe that by the way I sing along.

Now, I don’t think I actually know any bloggers well enough to tag at this point, so since I’m already cheating in that I wasn’t tagged I’m going to cheat again and over this up to anyone who is interested in the tag.

Let me know in the comments if you like any of these songs or artists! And leave me a comment if you do the tag as well and I’ll be sure to check out your own post on it!

Until next time, stay musical.




3 thoughts on “Shuffle The Music Tag

  1. SimplyUntamedNatonya says:

    I like this music tag, it’s so cool! Music is so relaxing and motivating, old or new, music renews the spirit. BTW, I love The 1975 😀


  2. A Cup of Wonderland says:

    Ooooo I haven’t seen this tag before but it looks fun! I like mainly listening to soundtracks so you have introduced me to a lot of new music, if I’m honest the only one I recognised was the 1975 song! But I am similar like you, new to the blogging community and don’t think I fit anywhere paticular but I say thats a good thing cause it means you can be apart of so many different communities! x


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